My Work

This is a few snapshots of the deck I helped put together for the FY15 plan to Illinois Office of Tourism.


This gallery is a few snapshots from the “Mis Raices” program that I helped put together for Mexico City Tourism. This was part of a book given to participants of the program and outlined the program’s details.


This is my post for the San Jose Group company blog.

The post covers the massive success of Nike’s #RiskEverything campaign during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in its digital effort, specifically highlighting two examples from the campaign. 

Click on the logo to be sent to the post on the blog website!


This is my team’s presentation to Chief Enrollment Officer and Marketing Director at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy, a digital media arts school here in Chicago, of a marketing campaign trying to generate new leads in a cost-effective way.

*Please excuse overlaps of some images, they were special presentation effects.

Click on the link to see the presentation!


Going back to more SJG company work, I was chosen to present to the entire office on a relevant topic of choice. This is my presentation. Click on the logo to check it out!


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